Startup ecosystems thrive when people work together and the resources are connected. The new emerging role of ecosystem building is about how the people and the resources in a community work together instead of just focusing on the individual parts of a community. The role of an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder is to think about how this system works together. 

Startup Champions Network is a group of ecosystem builders from across the country who support entrepreneurial ecosystem builders by providing them with the tools, resources, knowledge and support systems they need to build thriving and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems in their own community.

We believe that thriving and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems should exist in all communities in order to drive economic opportunity and independence for all. Startup Champions Network is THE organization for entrepreneurial ecosystem builders. We provide the connections, resources, and professional development they need to cultivate thriving and inclusive communities. Check out the video to learn more.

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“It’s just so amazing to be with people who are working on the same stuff that you are, everyday, and discussing the good, bad, the ugly, the hopes, the dreams, the fears.” ~ John Antonucci, Burlington VT

“It doesn’t matter if you just started doing this stuff or if you’ve been doing it for years. We’re all kind of struggling with these same issues, and the loneliness of trying to do this work. And there’s no better place to find your crowd than at this event.” ~ Rick T, Portland, OR

“If you’re thinking of joining up with SCN, do it! Absolutely. It is an incredible network.”