The Challenges Program is an initiative that approaches complex issues related to inclusion, storytelling, ecosystem metrics, and policy as a national peer learning group of connected communities.  Challenges are designed for ecosystem builders to TAKE ACTION around specific areas of focus to accelerate impact and share resources.


Worry, fear, and anxiety. If you're an ecosystem builder, it's likely you are all too familiar with these feelings.

Worry, fear, and anxiety. If you're an ecosystem builder, it's likely you are all too familiar with these feelings. So much rests on you all the time that these feelings seem to be constant at best and overwhelming at worst. What would it feel like to be able to move from the fear and anxiety we all experience to trust and expanded creativity?  This six session Thrive Mindset Challenge is a vital step toward that freedom that focuses on promoting your wellbeing as an ecosystem builder as you proactively manage fear and anxiety and fight the cultures of scarcity and aversion.

Designed by senior leadership coaches, psychologists, and executives, this program helps leaders and their teams expand their skills through vital mindset transformation tools required to sustain and grow a thriving organizational ecosystem.

What you will get out of participating in the challenge:

  • Foundational knowledge in leadership psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence to understand how these fields influence your behavior and decision making in the workplace.

  • Techniques that can mitigate and prevent fear-based decision making, stress, burnout, time mismanagement, and communication breakdowns.

  • Tools to implement with your team to build core areas of organizational and personal awareness, holistic management, and mindfulness-based leadership.

  • Integrative practices to weave into your weekly routine in order to deepen your learning and mastery, during and after the program duration.

  • Peer engagement & support methods to allow you to interact with some of the most sought after startup leaders to learn from each others’ entrepreneurial experience.


Upcoming challenge programs provide experiential learnings through the areas of: inclusion, storytelling, measurement, policy and leadership.